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We’ve gone through hundreds of formulations to get all of the flavors and textures just right, so you can enjoy a cookie as you normally would. Our ingredients were carefully chosen to deliver the nutrition facts of a superfood, without all the bad stuff. Only functional ingredients for your amazing life.

We promise these are the cookies of your dreams. If they aren’t, we’ll refund your order in full.

An ancient superfood root vegetable that originates from Africa! It’s not a nut! Filled with fiber and potassium with a sweet and neutral taste like Almond Flour, but better for you.

The term “net carbs” refers to carbs that are absorbed by the body. To calculate the net carbs in whole foods, subtract the fiber and sugars from the total number of carbs per serving.

Yes! We make sure all of the ingredients we use are Non-GMO!

Unlike most fruits whose sweetness comes from sugars, fructose and glucose, monk fruit's sweetness comes from antioxidants called mogrosides. Monk fruit is the best natural sugar substitute because it has zero calories, zero carbs, zero side effects, and it won’t raise blood glucose levels. It’s also NOT a sugar alcohol!

Every ingredient we use serves a purpose for your nutrition and health! We don’t use fillers, artificial ingredients or anything useless (what about worthless?). Our cookies actually taste like traditional cookies because we’ve taken the care and time to make them guilt-free without using the bad ingredients.

For sure! What kid wouldn’t want delicious cookies? Plus, you’ll be proud to feed them Mmmly. Our ingredients are perfect for fueling strong and energetic (maybe add young) lives.

Our cookies are gluten-free, but are made in a facility that produces other food with gluten.

Shipping Policy

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